Data Research & Data Entry Work

We need data research cum data entry workers from India.The website is mainly focussed on publishing lyrics of indian songs.To o this job we are hiring workers who can search for particular lyrics of songs and submit to us.

Actual Work

For registered users we give 500 song names.You need to find lyrics of that songs and submit to the site one by one.Its a simple job that anyone can do with the basic knowledge of computer and internet browsing.

From Where You Get Lyrics

You can browse on google and copy paste the lyrics and submit to us.You dont need to type the lyrics.Just browse online and you will get the lyrics.

Payment And Details

We pay Rs.10/- for each lyrics you submit.We give 500 songs list as first project. You need to complete the project with in one month.When you complete the the first 500 songs, then you will get paid Rs.5000 and we give you another 500 songs lists. This will be a ongoing job and you can work with us without any time limit.We have thousands of song’s lyrics need to be added in our directory.

Company Terms & Conditions

We need genuine online worker who can complete the work from home with their own PC/Laptop And Internet.

How To Apply

We need to check the seriousness of the candidate who are willing to work with us. So we charge Rs.500/- as one time security fee(Refundable with first project payment). So the candidates who accept our terms and conditions can apply through below link.

Apply/Register Here

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